Background & Goals of Project

During the first stay-at-home order of the 2020 Pandemic, Joe decided to start doing home delivery of his famous Donuts. At first these orders were done by hand with people just messaging him their orders and him writing them all down by hand. I offered to make him an order form that would be free to use, flexible, easy to use, and most importantly save him a ton of time! This project is the Product of that.

Order Forms

Using Google Forms, I set up an ordering form template with all the information needed to do the deliveries, and then duplicated that form for each individual day so the forms could be turned off individually if a particular day’s route got filled, and to also make managing the orders easier on the back-end.

Order List

After the users submit their form via Google Forms it outputs into a Google Sheet. This Google Sheet has been set up with some scripts and formulas that allow easier management of orders after they come in, including being able to make corrections, get some general statics about the pending orders, and export the order list to the routing program.


To give these forms a home and provide an easy way for Joe to send customers to place their orders I set up 3 simple websites through Google Sites under the domain, one to simply serve as a landing site for, one to serve as the site for DeRozier’s Bakery, and one to serve as the site for D&D Properties. All of them are fairly simple sites just serving as a landing page to direct users to specific resources.

Driver Routes

I also set up a workflow to go from a list of orders to an organized optimized route for the Morning Delivery drivers to take the most optimal path. This workflow utilizes Google Sheets, Google Script, and ElasticRoute to quickly turn a list of orders into an organized route formatted for easy viewing on mobile devices for the driver(s) to take in the morning. With just a few clicks Joe can go from a list of orders for deliveries in a specific area, to a delivery route his drivers can use to keep track of all the notes and info they need to deliver their entire route as fast as possible.

JCM has done many order forms, work sheets, and a lot of miscellaneous computer work for me. Without their help, there is no way I could have expanded my business the way I did!!

Joe DeRozier

President, DeRozier’s Bakery


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