is a startup newsletter here in Miami County who wants to bring a free newsletter to Peru with a modern twist

When Envision Publications told me they were in need of a website for their startup newsletter I was excited, because this is the kind of website where I can really pack it with cool features.

Self Hosted

Similarly how I set up ShopLocalPeru, Envision needed to keep costs as low as possible, I showed them how I set up, I made sure they understood the risks, and downsides of self hosting, as well as the benefits, and they decided it was worth it for them so we went to work getting them set up. He ordered the Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer to host the site on, sent it to me, and I got all the server software and everything set up and working so he could self host the site at home. Slapped a copy of wordpress (WP) on it and got to work taking an out of the box wordpress site, and making it more, making it what Envision Publications wants.

Setting Up WordPress

First thing to do for this site once we’ve got WP out of the box is selecting a theme. I Envision to to select a few themes they liked and they came back wanting the TextBook theme and didn’t even need any heavy customizations so we were quickly off to our next steps.

Speaking of those next steps, Envision Publications is a community newsletter who plans on issuing monthly publications. They’ll also be featuring community events, taking responses from readers, and listing classifieds from the community, so we need some plugins to give the website a way to handle all of this. It took a little trial and error, and one of the plugins we tried ended up breaking the whole website 😅 but we got past that little speed bump and we’ve got the all functionality in.

Now that Envision Publications is up and running, I’m excited to see their website and newsletter grow as they find their place in Miami County and expand to other counties throughout the state.

I lacked the skills necessary to create a functional website for my business. I contacted David from JCM Peru in order to get my online presence up and running. David was professional and took the time to answer any questions I had and worked hard to bring the vision I had to life. He has continued to be there for my business to address any issues that have arose from my website and I must say I am very pleased with the result. Very knowledgeable and would definitely recommend their services 5*.

Chris Schutz



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